The word transpose means to exchange the place of two things, to transform, to translate from one language to another and to shift. Co-transpose means to do these things togetherThat is the aim of this project, the creation of a network of exchange and collaboration between artists from the Netherlands and artists from Greece.

An artistic residency in Dikea Greece, a transitional space that has much to offer. 

Organised by Eleni&Eleni

Eleni Tsompanidou & Eleni Voultsidou are interested in facilitating art and stimulating the local culture of Dikea. Because of their own experiences growing up in the village, they are aware of the lack of creative opportunities. A situation that has been intensified in the past years by the depopulation of the area. They also know that the village’s location, history and tradition are worth exploring. The residency was a way to invite artists to experience this intriguing place while contributing to reviving and stimulating the area.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the residency is to bring artists from the Netherlands, artists from Greece and the local community of Dikea into discussion. All of them are to meet in the location of Dikea for ten days from 20-30 July.  

Using the vacant spaces of the village, they offer the artists a communal living, working space, food and a budget for expenses. While providing them with the space, time and money, they invite the artists to immerse themselves in their practices, both individually and collectively, without having an end goal in mind. The focus is on process and research.

About us

Eleni Tsompanidou was born (1993) in Dikea, and she is currently based in Groningen in the Netherlands; she works between both countries. Her practice explores issues of sociological nature through experimental research and examining reality via her personal experiences. Through a usership-based, socially engaged format, her work explores both in an individual and a collective way, topics relevant to human nature. Besides her artistic practice, she is interested in the creation and facilitation of art platforms, and she is a creative director at ARTisBOOK foundation, an art space in Groningen

Eleni Voultsidou (1995) grew up in Dikea Greece and for the past 7 years, she lives and works in Athens. She graduated from the professional dance school “Aktina”, and she is currently working as a dancer and teacher. After graduating she travelled for workshops, auditions and projects in Europe and Israel, and she became interested in performing arts and facilitation. She is also a co-founder of Athene Vintage, an (online) shop of repurposed secondhand clothing that is promoting sustainable fashion in Greece.


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